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Monday Merlins


Just a Prairie Boy

Good day! The Knicks are presumably working out this group of bros as we speak. No word yet on whether they have more workouts planned for this week. I've collected a few links, if you'd like to take a peek.

- That's right, there's a little species of falcon called the Merlin. No relation. Here's a girl tickling one.

- Here's a reminder that we're doing a We'll Always Have Linsanity reading at Housing Works on June 19. I'd really love it if some of you could come.

- It's just a snippet for now, and you can't yet hear Shump's verse, but Iman Shumpert's rappings appear on this playlist of "Songs For a Healthier America".

- We don't have enough data yet to answer this, but Knickerblogger asks: Is Shump-- who was very much not this when he came out of Georgia Tech-- a shooter?

- None.

- I know he hasn't been a Knick for a while, but dude, BALKMANIA T-SHIRTS! I'd suggest you buy one if I didn't already buy all of them.

- I'll admit to being a little creeped out by the prospect of Jason Kidd sharing Knicks intel as head coach or some other sort of employee of the Nets. I think we can rule out player-coach, but that'd be even creepier. He knows too much.

- Our friend Keith wonders if maybe the Knicks are working out all these second-round-projected prospects with D-League development in mind. They didn't really dabble in Erie last season, but that's a relationship I'd love to see grow.

- An interview with and report card of Chris Copeland.

- Tommy Dee wonders how the Knicks might replicate this season's turnover-stinginess with a slightly different roster next season.

- Amar'e Stoudemire was at a Tamia Hill concert last night, to answer a question that you probably didn't have.

Those are the links. I'll post more on today's workouts and workouts to come if there is more to post. Stay dry. <3