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Wednesday Variable Sunbirds


Yathin S Krishnappa

Good afternoon, sweet children. I hope you're having a pleasant day. Here are just a few links to feed the Knicks part of your tummy on a day without much (no workouts, it seems) going on:

- Sunbirds are sorta the Old World approximation of the hummingbirds we have over here. The variable sunbird is the handsomest one I've found so far.

- Remember how the Knicks were going to let Carmelo Anthony's partially torn labrum heal on its own for three or four weeks before deciding whether or not his shoulder would need surgery? FFrank Isola points out that it's now been three weeks and counting. No word yet. Something to keep an eye on.

- Along with the previously reported Toure Murry, Jared Zwerling hears that Tony Mitchell-- the OTHER Tony Mitchell, the one from Alabama-- will join the Knicks in Las Vegas for Summer League.

- I found it interesting that Marc Spears's report that Tony Snell of New Mexico had received a first-round promise (or two) promise came mere hours after he worked out for the Knicks. Could be a coincidence, could be...NOT THAT.

- I dunno, I just love this Chris Copeland drawing Cope passed along from one of his Twitter followers. Striking resemblance, especially the 'ceps.

- Iman Shumpert havin' cereal, answerin' questions, and rappin'.(via Ananth Pandian)

- Shump is younger than Jarrett Jack.

- I wouldn't say I CARE about this stuff, but suffice to say I'm surprised Shump wasn't included in this group.

That's what's up for now, babes. <3