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The Knicks will start workouts again on Monday.

After a few days off, the prospects return.


After a slow start, the Knicks' draft workouts hEaTeD uP early last week with some true first-round prospects and intriguing names coming to visit (all the workout lineups can be found here). After Tuesday, New York's prospect connect dried up and they went without for several days. They're back at it this week, though, with a group perhaps meant more for Summer League consideration than for the 24th pick:

Archie Goodwin: 6'5 G, Kentucky (18 years old)

Jordan Henriquez: 7'0 C, Kansas State (23)

Trent Lockett: 6'5 G, Marquette (22)

Dejan Musli: 7'0 C, Serbia- KK Partizan (22)

Stan Okoye: 6'5 F, Virginia Military Institute (22ish)

Josiah Turner: 6'4 G, Arizona, Summerside Storm (20)


- Goodwin's a big, long-armed guard who, from the sound of things, might have been a first-rounder if we still let people enter the draft straight out of high school. After what folks consider an unconvincing year at Kentucky, he's the only projected second-rounder (by DX) of the bunch.

- Unless I'm forgetting someone, Musli is the first foreign-born, foreign-hewn player the Knicks have brought in for a workout. He's big, he's Serbian, and he...doesn't sound all that appealing.

- Okoye is an undersized Nigerian power forward. I just learned that VMI's team is called the Keydets, "a Southern style slang for the word 'cadets'".

- Turner has a pretty crazy, ugly story that took him from Arizona to Hungary to NBL Canada to draft entry.

It's a weird, fascinating group. I don't see a likely 24th pick among 'em, but keep these guys in mind once Summer League rosters come out or, sooner, if the Knicks find a way to snaggle a second-rounder. Any of y'all have any more insight on any of these guys?