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Gorgui Dieng and Nate Wolters will work out for the Knicks on Tuesday.

Here are Tuesday's six.

Streeter Lecka

Good day! After today's workout including Archie Goodwin and little else in the way of likely draft picks in either round, the Knicks will bring in a more intriguing group on Tuesday. Here's the six-man lineup:

Gorgui Dieng: 6'11 C, Louisville (23 years old)

Brandon Davies: 6'10 C, Brigham Young (21)

Justin Hawkins: 6'3 G, UNLV (22)

Jamal Olasewere: 6'7 F, LIU (21)

Angelo Sharpless: 6'4 G, Elizabeth City State University (23)

Nate Wolters: 6'5 G, South Dakota State (22)


- Dieng and Wolters are the interesting gentlemen here. Dieng is one of the best true centers in the draft and may be gone by the time the Knicks pick. Wolters is a big, scoring point guard who dominated his backwater conference.

- As far as I can tell, none of the rest of the guys are likely to get drafted at all. Sharpless can dunk.

- Justin Hawkins is the guy from The Darkness. Multi-talented guy!

Looking forward to hearing how this one goes. Anyone have any expertise to offer regarding tomorrow's group?