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Here is the Knicks' 2013 Las Vegas summer league schedule

It's less than a month away.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

The Knicks are holding free agent workouts today and tomorrow. I was going to post about that, but the only name I've seen involved is that of Tony Taylor, so the words I've typed up to this point are pretty much the extent of my knowledge. But yeah, that's happening, and it happening with, I presume, the following in mind:


Friday, 7/12 vs. New Orleans (1 PM)

Sunday, 7/14 vs. Washington (1 PM)

Monday, 7/15 vs. Charlotte (1 PM)

Yeah, that's it. They're doing summer league differently this year, with an all-inclusive single-elimination tournament running from Wednesday the 17th to Monday the 22nd. All New York's games are in the COX Pavilion, if you care, and I imagine those 1 PMs are Pacific time.

Summer league's fun. The games should be televised on MSG and I will be there in person (although possibly not until after the Knicks play their "regular season" games) to provide updates on the goings on. We can look forward to watching Iman Shumpert get his first summertime Knicks minutes in alongside our old friend Jerome Jordan and a delightfully motley assortment of rookies and free agents chosen from the workouts mentioned above. Less than a month away!