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Ford: Knicks may want the Mavericks' 13th pick

Doesn't seem possible, but it's interesting.

Chris Trotman

We've wondered over the last few weeks if the Knicks might trade down from the 24th spot or trade out of the draft entirely. Rarely if ever has the prospect of trading up or otherwise into a better pick been discussed, yet here's Chad Ford mentioning the Knicks in his chat today:

JoJo (Houston, Texas) Good afternoon, Mr. Ford!Who's is in play for the Mavs pick (what are you hearing)? Pistons, Cavs, others? What is it going to cost besides taking on Marion?

Chad Ford (1:30 PM) I've also heard the Knicks, Thunder and Cavs. Cost is either a 2014 first rounder or taking back Marion into room. By the way, some teams think that the Mavs may already have a deal as the trade talk has silenced in Dallas the past few days. The Mavs can't officially announce anything until after they make their draft selection.

So, that's cool and interesting. The Knicks haven't really worked out any lottery-types, so it's tough to guess who they might target with that pick.

Even tougher is imagining how they'd acquire it. Ford says "cost is either a 2014 first rounder or taking back Marion into room". The Knicks lack the former and would probably enjoy the latter, but don't have anything close to the expiring contract money (all Dallas wants) necessary to match Marion's $9 million option year (assuming he picks it up). So, this will almost certainly amount to nothing-- It would take some serious gymnastics to execute any minor draft-day trade-- but we have at least learned that the Knicks are inquiring about higher picks.