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Thursday Jamaican Todies


Dominic Sherony

Good afternoon, vikings. I have a few links to share before we gather to watch tonight's game:

- Todies are cute little Caribbean-dwelling kingfisher relatives. To me, they look just like kingfishers if you traded their big bills out for miniature bills.

- We already assumed this, but Chris Smith is almost definitely going to play for the Knicks' Summer League squad.

- We're nearing one full month of recovery and the Knicks still haven't decided (at least not publicly) whether Carmelo Anthony's shoulder needs surgery or not. Let us hope not.

- Spike Lee and some Knick legends have been enlisted in the fight for Madison Square Garden to stay where it is.

- Some stuff about Raymond Felton's summer basketball camp in South Carolina. He's quite the disciplinarian.

- If he can get permission from his current team overseas, Walter Hodge (formerly of Florida) may accept an invitation to join the Knicks in Vegas (en Español).

- Haaaaaahhaahahahahah

That's what's up this afternoon. Only a few hours until BASKETBALL.

Update: Jared Zwerling has some names from the Knicks' two-day free agent mini-camp. Tiny Gallon!