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Posting and Toasting selects Allen Crabbe in the SB Nation Mock Draft

With the 24th pick...


We've been doing an SB Nation NBA Mock Draft. The Knicks' (my) 24th pick just went up, and I picked Allen Crabbe from California. Here is the draft board up to #24 and here's my explanation:

The Knicks could use either a shooting, two-way wing or a useful big man with the 24th pick. P&T was unmoved by the remaining big men (including Steven Adams, but mainly because he's considered a bit of a project and the Knicks don't have time for that. Mike Woodson would punt that guy.), so we turned to the wings. Reggie Bullock was the target, but the Pacers did us yet another disservice by stealing him, so Crabbe it is. He's a terrific outside shooter, which is something the Knicks need, and could benefit mightily on offense from less responsibility/usage in a system where he's not the best scorer. Crabbe also seems like a guy with the savvy and size to become a decent NBA defender, and the Knicks could always use more perimeter D.

But mostly we drafted him because we like his ears. Also, tons of nickname/pun potential.

I'm comfortable with the pick and definitely wouldn't mind if the Knicks ended up with Crabbe, but I will say that I made this selection a week or two ago and have since been intrigued by some of the other prospects y'all have taught me about. That includes some of the bigs-- I've come to like Mike Muscala a lot, for instance-- which I mention because there seems to be an assumption among those who know stuff that the Knicks will lean toward a big man in this draft.

But yeah, in our imaginary league, Crabbe is the guy. This is where I mention that my previous picks in SB Nation mock drafts are as follows: Morris Almond (2007, #23), Russell Westbrook (2008, #6), Jrue Holiday (2009, #8), Kenneth Faried (2011, #17).