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The Knicks have a couple more workouts planned

A mysterious rookie and a local vet.

Jim O'Connor

Hi! Happy evening. It seems like the Knicks' standard six-man pre-draft workouts have concluded, but the MSG Training Center certainly isn't empty. Shawne Williams pooped in for a visit today, and a couple more bros (that we've heard of so far) will arrive later in the week. Tomorrow, it'll be Quincy Douby:

You remember Douby, right? Went to Rutgers, played a bit for the Kings, had very owly features, shot a lot of threes? You know the guy. Well, he's been playing overseas-- most recently in Lebanon-- and I guess he couldn't make it to New York in time for last week's free agent mini-camp. Cool.

Also cool:

Paranhos is actually a draft entrant (he's just 21), but, from the look of things, wasn't really on anyone's mind until Leandro Barbosa's family pointed him out to American basketball folks.

So, the Knicks are exploring well beyond the 24th pick they currently own. They're giving all kinds of folks opportunities to audition for Summer League/camp invites and minimum contracts. This front office has been characterized by diligent scouting and creativity in free agency, so I have faith they can dig up a few more unexpected gems this offseason. Maybe not Quincy Douby, but, ya know, somebody.

Update: Oh yeah, Chris Smith thinks he and Iman Shumpert will be the starting backcourt in Las Vegas. Oh.