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Pablo Prigioni got his qualifying offer, too

He'll more than likely become a restricted free agent.


'Tis merely a formality-- it would only be interesting news if the Knicks DIDN'T do this-- but it has happened:

Prigioni, like Chris Copeland, has until July 23 to accept or reject the $988,872 offer. Like Cope, Pablo will more than likely decline well before the 23rd and become a restricted free agent. Once he's a restricted free agent, other teams will try to get their grimy little meathooks on Pablo and I will shriek and cry and bite those other teams. The Knicks will be able to match any yearly amount up to the $3-ish million mini midlevel exception, but remember that mini MLE is all the Knicks have to dole out besides minimum deals.

So, that's it for that stuff. Cope and Pablo will probably become restricted free agents. Everyone else is either under contract or an unrestricted free agent, with the only slight exception being J.R. Smith, whose Early Bird rights are owned by New York, allowing them to match anything up to the league average salary (about $5 million). There will be interest from others.

Draft tomorrow, then let the offseason...BEGIN!