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Here is Iman Shumpert wearing an orange Knicks jersey.

Is this a thing?

Not this one, thankfully.
Not this one, thankfully.

The original Instagram post has since been deleted, but Iman Shumpert shared this photo of himself wearing what appears to be an orange variation on the updated (2012) Knicks jersey (via @jose3030):

Is that a new thing? The fact that the photo got deleted suggests it might be. If it is...I kinda like it! I typically dislike the color orange and there is definitely such a thing as too much orange, but this isn't a bad look. It's unique, too, since I don't think there are any teams in the NBA with all-orange outfits except for maybe the Bobcats still sometimes (Update: Suns, duh)? If it were up to me, the shorts would be a different color-- blue, perhaps-- but I think I'm the only person who likes that look. Why do NBA uniforms have to match like pajamas?

But anyway, that might be a new thing this season. Do you like to look at it?