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A 2013 Knicks draft preview

Here's what we think we know on draft day.


Ooooooowee, it's draft day. There'll be a thread up later, but for now, here are as many answers to as many draft questions as I can think of.

When and where is the NBA Draft? NBA Draft coverage starts at 7:00 tonight on ESPN. I'm sure the first pick will occur well after that. The draft is at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I will be there and I will be tweeting about what I see and hear (possibly on @SBNationNBA as well).

What picks do the Knicks own? They have the 24th pick in the first round and no second-round picks.

Might that change? It might. Previous rumors that the Knicks were interested in trading up (perhaps for the Mavericks' 13th pick) have fizzled, but trading down or out of the first round remains a possibility. The only solid rumor we've heard at this point is that the Knicks would like to reacquire the rights to last year's draft pick, Kostas Papanikolaou, by making a trade with Portland. The Blazers would surely like New York's first-rounder in return (and might throw in the 39th pick as well), while the Knicks would rather part with a future second-rounder or a few eggs or a hair scrunchie or something. That's pretty much what they'll have to offer in any trade they might consider. That or maybe Steve Novak, but it's hard to imagine anyone accepting Novak's contract in return for sweet, cheap, promising picks.

Might the Knicks buy a second-rounder like they have in previous years? Because New York has already blown through the $3 million in "cash considerations" or whatever that would typically be used for buying picks, they can't do anything that straightforward. Thus, if the Knicks would like to acquire a second-rounder (and word is they would), they'd have to make a little trade or wait until after July 1 to exchange cash.

So, if the Knicks do sit tight at 24, who will they pick? The best player available.

Don't be a dick. Sorry, I just don't really know. Mock drafts aren't all that helpful, but we've been seeing a lot of Tony Mitchell and Jamaal Franklin going to the Knicks in those lately. At the very least, I think those two guys represent the types of players available and desirable at 24. A guard or wing who can either shoot some, defend some, or both would be great, especially if he could fill the hole vacated by Jason Kidd (and possibly Pablo PrigioniPLEASECOMEBACKPABLO). A big guy who could bring the Knicks some of what Kenyon Martin (and, at times, Rasheed Wallace, Kurt Thomas, and Marcus Camby) brought in their best moments last season would be nice, especially if he's not 40 and can play more than a couple dozen games without hurting himself.

So, who else is there? Here are two things that might be helpful: Everybody the Knicks worked out over the last few weeks and all the "Know the Prospect" profiles written by Paul Chillsap and viva_morrison (thanks, guys!). That'll give you an idea of who our draft experts like and who the Knicks might like.

How about you? Who do you like? Me?

No, the guy behind you. There's nobody behind me.

Yes, you. Are you dumb? You seem dumb. Ah. Well, I know very little about any of these guys, but the prospect I've come to fancy most-- at least out of the guys who might be available at 24-- is Reggie Bullock. I'd be pretty happy with most of the guards and wing-y types likely to be available in the Knicks' range-- Bullock, Franklin, Allen Crabbe, Tony Snell, Erick Green, Nate Wolters. I'd be cool with any of those guys. I'm not thrilled with what I've seen from Isaiah Canaan, Glen Rice Jr., Tim Hardaway Jr., Lorenzo Brown, or Ricky Ledo, but again, I don't know what I'm talking about, and I'm sure it'd take me a maximum of ten minutes to come around on any of those picks. If the Knicks go big, I'd prefer Gorgui Dieng (if he slips that low), Jackie Carmichael, or Mike Muscala to Tony Mitchell or Jeff Withey. If Dennis Schroeder or somebody wants to drop to 24, I'd be fine with that, too.

These being the Knicks, the pick will probably none of the people listed above, right? Right.

Whoever it is will get booed, right? Yeah, probably.

Any final thoughts? Yeah: 1. The Knicks are going to miss out on about half the draft and pass on the other half. It has to be that way. I know that sounds obvious, but it's worth keeping in mind while everyone's freaking out about who they didn't get post-draft. 2. You'll probably want to hold on after that 24th pick no matter what. We don't always hear about draft night trades before the picks get made.

That about covers where things stand at 3 PM EST. Things are bound to change, and I'll do my best to keep you updated as I move toward and about the Barclays Center. No matter what happens, we should have some new Knicks by the end of the night, and that is wonderful.