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With the 24th pick, the Knicks select Tim Hardaway Jr.



Well, this is a bit of a surprise. With Reggie Bullock and Jamaal Franklin (among others) still on the board, the Knicks selected Tim Hardaway Jr. from Michigan with the 24th pick. Hardaway's 6'6"-- solid 2 or 3 size-- and can shoot, even though he went through a massive and noteworthy slump in college. DraftExpress says he's got the "tools" to be an effective defender, so there's that. Seems like a decent, well-rounded fellow. I would have preferred Bullock or Franklin or a dozen other people, actually, but I don't really know what I'm talking about. The Knicks fans here at Barclays Center certainly seemed thrilled, but they also appear to be like 15 years old for the most part.

And, on that note, the whole thing where Hardaway's dad is one of my most loathed players of all time doesn't exactly help. But hey, let's see how this goes. There's a whole lot of draft left to watch. Maybe even a trade.

Much more to come.

Update: Glen Grunwald will apparently be speaking here soon. Let me know what he says!