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What else did (and didn't) the Knicks do on NBA draft night?

No second-rounders, but a couple potential Summer Leaguers anyway.


The Knicks wanted a second-round pick last night, but failed to acquire one. Recall that New York was (and will be for another few days) too cash-strapped to just purchase a second-rounder from another team. They would have had to negotiate a little trade or a cash exchange that wouldn't happen until after July 1. Anyway, that didn't happen. I misplaced the quote, but Grunwald said something to the effect of "we had lots of ideas, but other teams didn't like our ideas". Oh well. They didn't have much to work with and teams seem to cherish their picks a bit more these days.

The Knicks are already at work collecting undrafted bros, though. The Summer League team is starting to take shape:

Y'all know more about Leslie than I do, but I know he's a big kid who likes to do dunking and who was once regarded as a top prospect but didn't exactly flourish at N.C. State. Scott Schroeder-- the authority on these matters-- has Leslie in his top 15 undrafted players. Cool pick-up.

And, because the Knicks are super into initials, they'll bring in a local kid we've been hearing about for a while now:

Those two sound definite. There are others. Boban Marjanovic-- a massive, 24 year-old Serbian center-- is deciding between the Hawks and Knicks. Come hang with us, Bobi. (Yes, Bobi. Bobibobibobibobibobibobibobibobibobibobibobibobi.)

And remember that Jared Zwerling has been directing our attention toward point guard Toure Murry and (the other) Tony Mitchell for a while now, and still is.

Those are the guys at least likely to join the Knicks in Vegas so far. Plenty of undrafted guys still havent' signed. As of this writing, I have not seen reports on Jackie Carmichael or Myck Kabongo, for instance, and I know a lot of P&Ters like those two. I've also been watching closely for news on Kostas Papanikolaou-- whose rights still belong to the Blazers-- and haven't seen anything new. They didn't trade his rights yet or anything, so that's good, or at least good for those of us who reaaaaallly want Papa in New York. He's drawing interest from everywhere, that guy.

So, the Knicks didn't draft anyone but Tim Hardaway Jr. Thursday night, but the front office did reach agreements with a couple other players. There will be plenty more to come. We'll keep an eye on that. In the meantime, Hardaway's going to get introduced at around noon, and I'll post about that if there is anything to post about. <3