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Tim Hardaway Jr. introduced as a Knick, likes to eat

Shocking revelations from the day after the draft.


There's Tim Hardaway Jr. looking nonplussed in his new #5 Knicks jersey (no word yet on whether he'll wear a dress shirt on the court). Here are Tim and Tim Sr. posing for another photo (NSFW). Here's Allan Houston chatting with Tim Sr. and being like HEY TIM SR. IT'S COOL ABOUT YOUR SON AND STUFF BUT REMEMBER THIS YOU LITTLE BUTTHEAD?

Here's Tim Jr. talking to the media:

And here's Tim Jr.'s one-on-one with Jonah Ballow in which he reveals he eat!? Where the hell did the Knicks find this guy??? Also worth a look: Hardaway's many three-point celebrations at Michigan. This is also proof that he hit at least 11 threes in college. Incidentally, it's three to the head now, Tim.

And finally, the greatest news of the day:

If Tim can take some advice and absorb some of Arvind's dominance, we might have a star on our hands.

Welcome to the Knicks, Tim.