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There is no Rajon Rondo rumor.

The anatomy of nothing becoming something.


I have seen comments about rumors of Rajon Rondo going to the Knicks. I have received tweets about rumors of Rajon Rondo going to the Knicks. Such a notion struck me as wildly implausible-- the Knicks have absolutely no assets outside their core, and if for some reason they felt like dismantling their core, they wouldn't have contracts attractive to the rebuilding Celtics and also they are division rivals soooo-- but let's stop there. Even that line of thinking isn't worth our time. Why not? Watch:

Today, Marc Berman reported the following:

There are also rumors the Knicks could look to trade for Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo with Boston having a fire sale, but they don’t have draft picks to make that trade. Clearly, Steve Novak will be shopped in any deal.

Unless Berman got that from his own sources (which he would have indicated, right?), the only place on the internet he could have seen that is from people talking about this post on a blog called Sports Media 101 that went up Friday. Here is the interesting line in that blog post:

Rumors floated about on Friday that the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics could be trading partners for point guard Rajon Rondo, though neither team nor their respective beat writers have issued any insight into a potential deal.

Note that the word "rumors"-- the only sourced item in the entire piece-- contains a link. The link goes to this:

Alan Hahn posted that on Friday as a follow-up to this:

That's it. That's the whole thing. There is no Rajon Rondo rumor.

There will be more items like this during the offseason. It helps to establish the origin of what you're reading before you seriously consider it.