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The Knicks are declining James White's option

Farewell, James.


For whatever reason, James White's contract with the Knicks included an unguaranteed sum of just under $1 million for 2013-2014. I don't know if it's technically a "team option" or what, but it doesn't matter, because, as expected, the Knicks aren't picking it up. As first reported by RealGM, the Knicks will let White become an unrestricted free agent. White's agent claims this wasn't the plan all along and the draft haul changed things, but...well, I kinda don't believe that. Either way, he's already begun to field offers from overseas.

So, farewell, James. You didn't really help the Knicks...ever, and you gave us a rather disappointing dunk contest performance, but you seem like a cool guy and you never directly hurt the Knicks and it still makes me laugh that you started 16 games. Happy trails.

(Meanwhile, foreign clubs are also flirting with soon-to-be-restricted free agent Chris Copeland, but his agent stays talking up his loyalty and potential willingness to accept a relatively light contract to remain in New York. That would be nice.)