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Jason Kidd is retiring.

Farewell, Jason.


After a long, illustrious career and a single, solid season with the Knicks that ended quite poorly, Jason Kidd has announced his retirement from professional basketball:

This had been rumored for a little while, and the rumblings got stronger once the season ended. It's somewhat poetic that Kidd and co-Rookie-of-the-Year Grant Hill left the league within days of one another.

How, exactly, the Knicks and Kidd are going to deal with the final two years and $6ish million dollars left on Kidd's contract remains to be seen. For now: Thanks for some good times, Jason, and happy trails.

Update: Lest we dwell on Kidd ending his lone season a Knick in a long, horrid slump, here are a few of the aforementioned good times:



That, plus a whoooole lot of rebounds, deflections, extra passes, and-- if you think back far enough-- three-pointers. I swear, he hit those regularly for a while.