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Monday Horned Screamers


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Diego Miguel Garcés

Evening, critters. Joe's got a piece going up later to get you feeling weird 'n' ready for Game 7 between the Heat and Pacers. For now, a few Knicks links:

- Screamers are big, creepy birds in South America that make some truly bizarre sounds. Here's a video of the Horned Screamer's call, and here's a bonus video of it hanging out with a surprise appearance at the end.

- Marc Berman seems to already think Jason Kidd's retirement means forgoing the $6.2 million he was due over the next two years, but I haven't seen that confirmed and, well...I haven't seen that confirmed. It could be some kind of buyout instead, right? We'll have to wait and see, but his retirement won't give New York much additional financial flexibility either way.

- Meanwhile, some Knicks (and/or erstwhile Knicks) bid farewell to Kidd on Twitter and Kidd's kidds looked overjoyed.

- J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert are on Vine now, which means we get to see J.R. terrifying anyone invested in his basketball career and Shump throwing frisbees at a flying backpack. Naturally.

- This is the season of "interest", which is next to meaningless but worth filing away for later. We already mentioned the Nate Robinson stuff (non-stuff, really), and now we have some Gani Lawal stuff, which is fairly intriguing. In pre-draft "interest", we get word (via Buckets Over Broadway) that Murray State's Isaiah Canaan will work out with the Knicks at some point. Today's KTP-ee Jeff Withey as well. I kinda thought today was supposed to be the first day of workouts, but I guess not?

- Regarding Robinson (highly unlikely, it seems, but his name is now out there in connection with the Knicks), David Vertsberger points out how he might thrive in New York's beloved two-point-guard lineups.

- Chris Herring chews on a topic that comes up in these parts every now and then: What if Amar'e Stoudemire was encouraged to shoot a lot more threes? He's got the stroke.

- Knicks Wall Podcast with our friends Mr. Gibberman and Mr. W3rk!

Them's the links. See you soon for Game 7!