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Sunday Oilbirds


The Lilac Breasted Roller

Good Sunday, babies. Later today, I will post Paul Chillsap's in-depth scouting report on Tim Hardaway Jr. First, I will make you look at these links. YOU MUST LOOK AT THEM for full credit.

- Oilbirds are chubby little nocturnal creatures that use echolocation to find their food. Cool. But why are they called oilbirds?

The common name "Oilbird" comes from the fact that in the past chicks were captured and boiled down in order to make oil.

Ewwwwwwwwwww (oilbird chicks and squabs are very fat).

- Amar'e Stoudemire and Alexis Welch had a small, private wedding a few months ago and followed up with a bigger event this weekend. Some Knicks were there!

- Woj lists the Knicks among the teams pursuing Tony Allen. What? How? Is this Allen and company pulling The Grant Hill Maneuver or do the Knicks think they can acquire Allen with the mini MLE or vet's minimum or what? I'm confused. More on that if/when it actually amounts to something.

- Steve Serby did his Sunday Q&A with Tim Hardaway Jr., who had a pretty tense relationship with Tim Sr. for a while there but has specifically requested that the Knicks add "JR." to his jersey in his dad's honor.

- Marc Berman's premise wherein the Knicks sign-and-trade Chris Copeland for an exception is interesting, and I...think it would work? Update: Maybe not, unless Cope got signed to a vet's minimum. Man, I don't know.

- Good stuff here about Tony Mitchell, who will play on New York's Summer League team.

- And here's a quick word with A.J. Matthews, the Brooklyn kid who will also play for New York's Summer League team.

- The Jeff Van Gundy stuff from Friday was somewhat interesting.

- Alan Hahn tidily summarizes New York's salary situation and gently puts forth the notion of waiving him with the stretch provision. I am against that.

- People voted for the Knicks' top ten plays of the year at KnicksNow.

Those be the links!

Update: Free agency starts at midnight. Probably should've mentioned that.