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Knicks Free Agency Rumor: New York interested in Aaron Brooks

Brooks was just waived by Houston.

Bob Levey

I didn't wake up this morning realizing it was nearly July, but I know now. We got our first sniff of free agency stuff with the odd, vague word of New York's interest in Tony Allen this afternoon, and now we have what feels like the first solid rumor of 2013 free agency. As part of their preparation for big important things, the Rockets waived Aaron Brooks and Carlos Delfino today. This pleases the Knicks:

It feels like the Knicks have always liked Aaron Brooks, and his being a CAA guy must only lubricate that attraction. That said: Why? What, in 2013, is Aaron Brooks good at? I can't name a thing, let alone many things that would necessitate an entire free agency pursuit. I understand the Knicks are working with very few resources, but I'm not sure Brooks is even worth a minimum contract. Delfino makes sense to me as a target, but I don't think Brooks does at all.

Interest-- even mutual interest-- is just that and will probably amount to nothing. I suppose this means the Knicks will meet with Brooks at some point, but perhaps it'll never get past that. I hope it doesn't.

We are hours away from the beginning of free agency negotiations, so look forward to a loooot more reports like this one, plus some updates about New York's incumbent free agents. I'll create a new storystream or two to group all this stuff so it's easier to track. The offseason!