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UPDATED: Beck: Knicks close to trading for Andrea Bargnani


Claus Andersen

Well, I had just shut my laptop in hopes of ignoring basketball for a few hours, but I suppose that isn't in the cards. Howard Beck just dropped a bomb of a trade report on us:

With little flexibility to upgrade their roster in free agency, the Knicks are closing in on a deal to acquire Andrea Bargnani, the Toronto Raptors’ jump-shooting 7-footer, according to a person involved in the talks.

The Knicks are offering a package built around Marcus Camby, Steve Novak and two future draft picks, one in the first round and one in the second. Several teams have pursued Bargnani, but the Knicks have emerged as the “strong favorites” to land him, and a handshake deal could come soon, the person said.

Hahahahaha and we thought the offseason was gonna be quiet and stagnant.

Here are some things on my mind right now:

- Andrea Bargnani has had a very disappointing career. He's ostensibly a good shooter and stuff, but sucks at defense and rebounding and most other things. Raptors fans booed him every time he stepped on the floor for stretches of last season. (Then again, that's not exactly an environment conducive to success, so maybe a change of scenery would help?)

- Bargnani is due $23 million over the next two years. Novak is about $11 milion for the next three and Camby is about eight for the next two (partially guaranteed in 2014-2015).

- If the above contract swaps were the extent of the deal, I'd be down. Losing a first-rounder for Bargnani would suck a lot, though. I don't even know which first-rounder that would be after all the previous trades-- probably like 2094. The Knicks should not have to surrender a first-rounder to grab Andrea Bargnani, but the Knicks just love surrendering first-rounders, I guess. It's their thing.

- I don't really know what the Knicks would do with Andrea Bargnani. That's another big who doesn't really defend.

- Barn-yar-nee.

So, uh...we'll keep an eye on this. It obviously isn't close to done yet.



The Nuggets have the right to swap for that 2016 pick.