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UPDATED: The Andrea Bargnani trade won't happen Sunday night, will have to be restructured



So, something didn't work out, but this isn't done. The Knicks and Raptors had to get their trade completed Sunday night to make things match, but something prevented it from going down tonight:

Waiting until after midnight means the 2013-2014 salaries would go into effect. Novak and Camby are each due a bit less money next year, while Bargnani is due a bit more. So, a trade for Bargnani is still probably going to happen, but the Knicks might be giving up a different package. If it's one that still helps future-salary-wise but doesn't include as many future picks (or nets more in return), I'm in favor, because again, I think this deal is fine (if weird) without all those picks changing hands.

That, or...MORE PICKS!


...but what deal will it be?


This is what it might take:

I would weep.