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The Knicks' first pre-draft workout is Wednesday

It won't include any likely first-rounders.

Andy Lyons

At long last, we have our first six-man group for a Knicks pre-draft workout. The workout will take place tomorrow and will include the following gentlemen:

Isaiah Canaan: 6'0" G, Murray State (21 years old)

Brandon Triche: 6'4" G, Syracuse (22)

Deshaun Thomas: 6'7" F, Ohio State (21)

Murphy Holloway: 6'7" F, Ole Miss/Baltimore Ravens??? (23)

A.J. Matthews: 6'10" C, Farmingdale State (23)

Norvel Pelle: 6'10" F (20)

Of note: 1. Holloway did indeed get cut by the Ravens recently. 2. We've heard about Matthews a bit. The Knicks like him a lot for some reason. 3. Pelle is an unusual, mysterious prospect who's just been bouncing around a bit since high school instead of playing college ball.

Of more note: None of these guys are considered first-rounders in mock drafts. Several aren't even projected to be drafted. There are many more workouts to come and some are bound to include better-ranked prospects, but Wednesday's group doesn't exactly shoot down suspicion that the Knicks might dump their 24th pick. We shall see.