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Reggie Bullock highlights Thursday's Knicks draft workout

Hey, a projected first-rounder!


Another day, another workout. I'll pass along any reports from today's group when the time comes. For the moment, we can look over Thursday's group, which actually includes someone projected to go around New York's 24th pick. The six-man lineup:

B.J. Young: 6'3" G, Arkansas (20 years old)

Brandon Paul: 6'4" G, Illinois (22)

Reggie Bullock: 6'7" F, North Carolina (22)

James Ennis: 6'7" F, Long Beach State (22)

Romero Osby: 6'7" F, Oklahoma (23)

Kenny Kadji: 6'10" F, Miami (25)

Some things:

- Bullock is the one who, as of right now, wouldn't totally surprise people as a 24th pick. Mr. Chillsap profiled him recently.

- Everyone else is a projected second-rounder at best, but I'm being told good (perhaps biased) things about Paul.

- Kadji is really 25. That's not a typo. Clearly, the Knicks are interested.

Cool. Bullock's presence is our first indication beyond the occasional rumor that the Knicks actually intend to use the 24th pick, but a few of this week's guys seem like promising second-rounders or Summer League guys, and we'll try to cover them in upcoming KTPs.