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Thursday Dickcissels



Hey! I'm very hungry so this will be quick, but here is the collection of afternevening Knicks links I promised:

- Why is a Dickcissel called a Dickcissel? Because some psychopath heard this and thought it sounded like "dickcissel". Why does THAT person get to be in charge of naming birds? He or she is clearly insane.

Workout stuff:

- Tim Hardaway Jr. is going to join in the fun next week. So is Gorgui Dieng at some point.

- Some words from A.J. Matthews and Brandon Triche and Isaiah Canaan after Wednesday's workouts.

- Reggie Bullock stuff following today's workout. I like him.

- Some workout interviews can be found here.

- There's gonna be a We'll Always Have Linsanity reading/gathering on June 19. I will be there I think! Come to it!

- ¡Ole!, the hosts of Pablo Prigioni's blog, wrote about Joe's insane campaign to keep Pablo in New York! IT'S WORKING!

- On that note, Dylan wrote a terrific thing about Pablo's value to the Knicks. Please stay, Pablo. Please stay, Dylan. You both spit hot fire.

- 1. Here are J.B. Smoove, Black Thought, Larry Johnson, and John Salley sharing a meal. 2. LJ tells his story about the ad campaign idea that preceded the "Grandmama" stuff. It's way better.

- Happy birthday, the Knicks!

- I haven't even had an opportunity to read it yet, but I'm certain Rafe Bartholomew's piece connecting the present-day Spurs and '70s Knicks is wonderful.

- WebMD, featuring Carmelo Anthony.

That's all for now! Have yourself a pleasant evening and I'll see y'all later for a Game 1 thread.