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Monday's Knicks workout includes Jeff Withey, Mike Muscala, and Allen Crabbe

Another workout, this time with a solid big man battle.

Jamie Squire

Okay, the bigger names are starting to roll in! After finally working out some projected first-rounders to finish this week, the Knicks will start out next week with their most intriguing group yet. Here are the Monday five for now, with a sixth possibly getting added later:

Jeff Withey: 7'0 C, Kansas (23 years old)

Mike Muscala: 6'11" C, Bucknell (21)

Lorenzo Brown: 6'5" G, North Carolina State (22)

Myck Kabongo: 6'3" G, Texas (21)

Allen Crabbe: 6'6" G, California (21)

Withey feels like the star of this group and will surely be matched up with Muscala (another interesting big man, but generally not projected as a first-rounder) throughout the workout. That's a fine batch of guards, though, and Crabbe in particular seems like someone the Knicks might target if they're looking for a shooter at 24. I imagine they'll be comparing his workout to what they saw from Reggie Bullock on Thursday.

Other thoughts on this group? Anyone?