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NBA Free Agency Rumors: A working, updated list of players in whom the Knicks have "interest"

So much interest!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the most recent thread for talking about Andrea Bargnani stuff. One quick thing about that deal: Quentin Richardson will be the Knick signed-and-traded to balance out salaries. Whatever. MEANWHILE...

Since just before free agency began, we have heard of New York expressing "interest" in a number of free agents, some of whom they have a shot of acquiring, some of whom they certainly don't. That list, as of around the time I went to bed last night:

- Tony Allen

- Aaron Brooks

- Carlos Delfino

- Monta Ellis

The list grew this morning to include:

- Jose Calderon, via Tim McMahon

- Brandan Wright, via Tim McMahon

- Sebastian Telfair, via Alex Kennedy, of course, their own guys-- J.R. Smith, Chris Copeland, Pablo Prigioni, and maybe Kenyon Martin (though we've heard very little about Martin since the season ended).

"Interest" usually amounts to nothing, and a lot of moves occur without warning (see Bargnani, Andrea). "Interest" could mean the Knicks have called a team or agent to inquire about a player (and they've surely done this for a lot more players than we've heard about), or it could mean a player's agent is telling reporters he's heard from the Knicks in hopes of increasing his client's perceived value (this is what I mean when I say "Grant Hill Maneuver").

I'll add to this list throughout the day. Feel free to let me know if you see others from legitimate sources.