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NBA Free Agency: Moratorium period has ended, Knicks moves starting to become official (Updated 12:06 PM)

Signings can become official starting today.


Good day! It is July 10, which means the NBA is back in business. Contracts that had been agreed to during the moratorium period can now be officially signed, and the Knicks are already at work with that stuff:

Welcome back, Pablo, and welcome back, tiny contract-signing table. I imagine J.R. Smith will visit that table at some point today. We should also see Andrea Bargnani introduced once the trade becomes official, but the Knicks haven't announced anything about that yet.

I haven't seen much in the way of new rumors since yesterday, but here are a few more odds and ends as we head more into actual signings and Summer League:

- Charlie Widdoes made a great two-part thing about the guys on New York's Vegas squad. I am VERY excited.

- David Crockett did a fine job running through some of the remaining free agent centers the Knicks might like. (Update: More here on littles and mediums.)

- Mark Deeks put together the comprehensive luxury tax payment analysis of the last few years. THE KNICKS ARE THE OVERSPENDING CHAMPIONS WE DID IT Y'ALL.

- Update: Forgot to mention, but the Knicks have arrived in Vegas, and are already practicing for Summer League, which starts Friday. JR will be in attendance.

Updates as they come. Mostly just checking in to say: 1. Offseason moves can be real now. 2. Hey

Update (12:06 PM):

The Bargnani deal is official. You may now by this jersey:

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