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Thursday Resplendent Quetzals



Good morning! Nothing much has happened Knicks-wise since yesterday, but I have a few new rumors and bits of information to pass along, plus a couple things you might like to read.

- If you're famliar with the Mesoamerican god Quetzalcoatl (which you ought to be. Weird dude.), you'll probably recognize the Resplendent Quetzal. It's quite the mythical bird in Central America, and especially Guatemala, where it's the currency's namesake.

- Mike Woodson addressed the media for the first time in a while after Wednesday's Vegas practice. He didn't say much, but it was nice to hear from him.

- If the Knicks actually want Tyrus Thomas (which might not actually be the case), then, as Osborn and I discussed yesterday, I think they should go all-out with the disappointing former lottery picks and bring in Sebastian Telfair and Michael Beasley as well. Just go for it.

- There's some confusion out there about what C.J. Leslie's contract is with the Knicks. We know it's above and beyond the usual Summer League deal. HoopsWorld has it as non-guaranteed for two years with restricted free agency in the third, so we'll go with that for now. This only really matters if you foresee a Chris Copeland/Jeremy Lin-like situation with Leslie.

- Knicks summertime activitiez update: J.R. Smith finished up some driver improvement classes, which is good. Iman Shumpert is late to Summer League practice because he was finishing up a youth camp in Chicago (I doubt Mike Woodson's actually mad about that). Raymond Felton's just brain-stormin' about hats.

- It's in Spanish, but this is a wonderful interview with Pablo Prigioni (thanks to Rodrigo for sending it). Pablo speaks frankly about adjusting to the American style of ball (basically: learning to shoot every time he's open), living in New York, and facing NBA competition ("Russell Westbrook es un avión"). If any of y'all wanna help translate parts of this for us, go for it. This is a particularly fine interview.

- On that note, Matthew Falkenbury did a nice job welcoming Pablo back to the Knicks (and explaining why he's so welcome).

- Tangentially related non-Knicks news: Here's Steve Novak getting introduced in Toronto, if you're interested and here's news that Chauncey Billups is headed to the Pistons, if you're interested.

- Here's a terrific profile of Ben Jobe, the very forthright 80 year-old basketball legend who's been scouting for the Knicks for a little while now.

- David Vertsberger reflects on Summer Leagues past. Not enough mention of Joe Crawford or Brian Greene for my liking, but still worth a read.

Those are the links. Maybe we'll hear some real news today!

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