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Glen Grunwald and Andrea Bargnani spoke today

Some things from the conference call.


In lieu of a press conference, the Knicks held a conference call today to make Andrea Bargnani and Glen Grunwald available to reporters following the trade that brought Bargnani to New York. Here are some things from that:


- Toronto was "weird", but he understands why fans booed.

- He's "excited to be here" and "starving" to win!

- Just as we guessed, he chose number 77 because Carmelo Anthony already wears 7.

- His elbow-- which limited him severely last season-- is supposedly "100 percent healthy". We'll get to watch him play for Italy in EuroBasket this September. (Forgot to mention this, but while we're on the subject of FIBA tournaments: Pablo Prigioni won't play for Argentina this summer, though he will visit his home country again for other reasons.)

- He'll focus really hard on improving his defense and rebounding!

Daddy Grun:

- He foresees Bargnani and Amar'e Stoudemire sharing the floor sometimes, which sounds like a whooooole lot of excitement.

- He's not nearly as worked up about losing a first-rounder as we are.

- The Knicks will look for a third point guard in free agency, but they're also going to keep an eye on the Summer League roster (including Iman Shumpert) for a guy to fill that role.

- In general, the Knicks may only guarantee a few more guys, leaving room for Summer League players to make the final cut of 15.

- They're obviously looking for help up front, too, and Kenyon Martin's on the line.

- He's still waiting on some free agents to become available.

- This was ominous:

Other stuff:

- The Knicks announced during the conference call that J.R. Smith had officially been signed.

- Whatever. If you say so.

- Amar'e Stoudemire's group's bid to buy a team in Israel went through. Amar'e is now a co-owner of Hapoel Jerusalem. Mazel tov!

Business! Now all the things the Knicks did last week are official. Time to do more things.