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Knicks Summer League Starts Today!


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

If the Knicks are going to pursue Metta World Peace, they'll have to wait until Saturday, so free agency rumors may be relatively quiet today (although, now that I've said that...). Some quiet would fine with me, because there is ACTUAL BASKETBALL TAKING PLACE TODAY.

Yes, the Knicks' entry in the 2013 Las Vegas Summer League begins this very afternoon, as New York's squad faces that of the New Orleans Pelicans at 4 PM EST. The game'll be televised on MSG and NBA TV.

Here is the Knicks' Summer League schedule the rest of the way. Here is the Knicks' Summer League roster for the time being. I say "for the time being" because these things always change slightly, usually with the addition of extra players throughout the week. The Knicks may have already made such an addition with D-Leaguer Liam McMorrow. Either way, this team is a lot cooler and more intriguing than, say, last year's team, and they might actually compete in some of these games, which is important because the team that wins Summer League (and there will be a winner this year-- they're doing a tournament) always wins the championship.

The team-- McMorrow included-- has been practicing at UNLV this week, and you can actually watch highlights of those scrimmages. Note that the blue team (usually a rough first unit in a Knicks practice setting) consists of Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr., C.J. Leslie, Jeremy Tyler, and Eloy Vargas. This will probably change once the guys who played in Orlando arrive and may continue to change throughout the week. You do see Shumpert at point guard, which is reportedly where he'll spend his time in the few games he plays in Vegas. Here's an excellent interview with Shump addressing his reasons for being out there (remember, this is the first normal summer summer he's had as a pro) and commenting on New York's offseason so far. Here's a picture. Here's another picture. Here's a third picture, but this one's of a porcupine.

Incidentally, Mike Woodson is in Las Vegas, but the Summer League team will be coached by a carousel of assistants. I can't wait for Jim Todd Day.

BASKETBALLLLLLLLLL. Look for a game thread(!) up a little before four and a quick recap after the game, too. Just like the real thing!