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Summer League Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pelicans- 7/12/13



Oh man, it felt good to type "game thread" just then. Ooh, and just then, too. It's time for some BASKETBALL, dear babies. The Knicks' Summer League squad will tip off against the Pelicans' Summer League squad at 4 PM EST. It's the first of three "regular season" games the Knicks will play in Las Vegas before the all-league tournament. It's not totally clear who of New York's Summer League roster will see minutes today-- Jerome Jordan and the other Tony Mitchell are still in Orlando, for instance-- but look for a starting lineup including Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr. in the backcourt with C.J. Leslie, Jeremy Tyler, and someone else (Eloy Vargas?) up front.

A couple things about our Summer League coverage:

- This is about the players, not the team. Don't worry about the score (unless the Knicks win). I will write a quick recap once the game's done, but it'll mostly be notes on individual performers with no regard for the game's outcome.

- A player's performance in Summer League perfectly predicts his performance in the NBA. If a guy dominates Summer League, he will be a dominant player in the NBA. This is inarguable.


Comment along, be nice, try not to post huge photos or .gifs, check out At The Hive (New Name Forthcoming), don't post links to illegal streams, and so forth. Let's watch some basketball!