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Metta World Peace is a person.

That's all we know.

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Doug Pensinger

Metta World Peace is a person who used to be called Ron Artest. The Lakers officially waived World Peace at 5 PM EST on Friday, July 12. He has 48 hours from that point to clear waivers. If he does clear waivers, he will be an unrestricted free agent and a potential target of the Knicks.

The above is what we know. Pretty much everything else is a convoluted web of rumors, which might be exactly how World Peace wants it. Observe:

When asked for his plans Friday, World Peace told reporters the following:

"I don't really want to play for anybody," World Peace said Friday at the Lakers' practice facility. "I don't want to go anywhere. I want to go to China, or coach or play arena football."


As for coming home, the Queensbridge product said: " I wanted to play in New York when I was in my prime and I was a young, fierce, lock-down [defender]. Madison Square Garden, that would have been sick. But right now, China is way more adventurous for me.’’

Such intentions would, ya know, hurt the Knicks' chances of employing World Peace next season, since they are neither an arena football team nor a Chinese team. Then again, World Peace could be bluffing in an attempt to discourage teams under the cap from claiming him off waivers. His very own agent semi-acknowledged that as a possibility:

When told World Peace sounded serious, Davis told The Post, "Serious with Metta? You never know.’’

So maybe World Peace does want to stay in the NBA, but hopes to pick his own team. In that case, what about the Knicks? Metta's dad likes New York's chances:

"I feel it’s a big, big possibility,’’ Artest Sr. told The Post Thursday night of his son joining the Knicks. "If the Knicks go after Ron, I can’t see him turning them down.’’

But Sam Amick's source suggests the Clippers-- who are probably the better team and wouldn't require relocation-- are the likeliest landing spot atop a long list of possibilities.

All that said, do the Knicks even want World Peace? Frank Isola hears that might not be the case, at least not solidly:

There are conflicting stories concerning the Knicks’ interest in the 33-year-old forward from Queensbridge. A person familiar with the club’s thinking says that the front office is more focused on adding another big man and a point guard. There were internal discussions regarding World Peace last week when rumors surfaced that he might become an amnesty casualty, but the Knicks’ brain trust did not reach a conclusion about whether to pursue him.

So...yeah, I'm just gonna wait until Sunday at 5 PM and see what happens.