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Sunday 'I'wis


Good day! I am in Las Vegas, where the Knicks will play their second Summer League game against the Wizards in a few hours. Before I put up a game thread, here are a few links for you to sniff:

- As you may have guessed by all the apostrophes, 'I'wis are from Hawaii (it was either that or part of the Stoudemire family). They're rather nifty looking and have SUCH weird singing voices.

- The Samuel Dalembert rumor became more of a thing last night, but it sounds like he's nearing a deal with the Mavericks, which is a bummer.

- I think it's worth keeping in mind that C.J. Leslie didn't get to run around much during workouts because of a hip injury, so what we're seeing is his first basketball in a while.

- In a different "here is a guy on the Knicks Summer League team who may make the actual team" story, Jeremy Tyler tries to tell us he's always been a Knicks fan. LIAR.

- Best part of Andrea Bargnani's Sunday interview with Steve Serby:

Q: Is there a difference between American women and Italian women?

A: No, I think it’s the same. I mean, beautiful is beautiful, and ugly is ugly, and you got everything.

Q What do you prefer, beautiful or ugly?

A: (Laugh).


That's all I've got for now! I'll talk to you from the COX Pavilion (you have to scream it like that. Try it. It's fun.) in a couple hours. <3

Update: Sorry, forgot to add: Metta World Peace will become an unrestricted free agent if nobody claims him off waivers by 5 PM today. We'll see what happens after that.