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Monday Nighthawks


Gavin Keefe Schaefer

Good afternoon your time/morning Las Vegas time, friends! There is another Knicks Summer League game today-- same time, same place-- against the Bobcats. I'll be there to tell you what happens in case you can't watch on TV or your TV screen is covered in molasses or whatever. For now, just a few links:

- Common nighthawks are weird, sorta bark-colored little birds. I'm trying to stick with birds found in Southern Nevada for the week, but I'm unlikely to see one of these since they're 1. nocturnal (Edit: and/or crepuscular) 2. ya know, look like that. I mostly see roadrunners.

- Nothing really new Metta World Peace-wise. He's coming to Vegas, he'll probably meet with the Knicks even though he says he's doing ten other different things, the Knicks will make him an offer at or slightly exceeding the minimum, and so forth. We just have to keep waiting.

- Tim Hardaway Jr. may take today-- or perhaps the rest of Summer League-- off after spraining his left wrist yesterday.

- Folks at Summer League yesterday (read: notorious Knickerblogger Robert Silverman) were speculating about Iman Shumpert's reasons for absence, but this seems pretty straightforward, no?

Iman Shumpert didn't participate in the Knicks' second summer league game on Sunday because Woodson said "he has some other obligations."

"It's no biggie; we'll keep our hands on him throughout the summer," Woodson said of Shumpert, who is traveling to China on Monday for an NBA event. "That's what our development program is all about, so he'll be fine coming to [veteran's] camp."

He's going to China today! Of course he needed to go home and pack and stuff.

- Speaking of Baobab Silverfish, he got some good quotes from Herb Williams about yesterday's game and the Vegas team in general.

- Mike Woodson won't commit to a starting lineup in July, because why would he?

- Andrea Bargnani, chuckin' Js in the Italian countryside.

- Something something Knicks money something something

- Brian Cronin's "Unsung Knicks History" pieces are the best. He's back with the tale of the time the Knicks almost traded Charles Oakley.

That's what's up right now! It's quiet. Soon, though, there will be basketball. And maybe some World Peace. <3