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Knicks Free Agency Rumors: A workout for Brown, "discussions" with Martin

Wednesday's free agency rumors

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Good day from Las Vegas! We've got an unusual excess of time before the Knicks play their MASSIVELY IMPORTANT Summer League game, so let's while away the hours with some rumors and links and stuff. First, two pieces of intelligence from overnight:

- Adrian Wojnarowski reported last night that the Knicks held a workout in Vegas for 28 year-old guard Bobby Brown. Brown's bounced around the world since going undrafted in 2007, and most recently scored a whole mess o' points on a whole mess o' shots for Montepaschi Siena in Italy. He even got an award for all his scoring. So, that's cool. Woj hears the Knicks are giving Brown genuine consideration for a minimum deal and tertiary guard role. I've no sense for how he'd fare in that role, but I guess that's what workouts are for. Brown's numbers from previous NBA stints aren't so hot, but I do like his devotion to the Jordan-brand headband (even if that'd have to be abandoned in the NBA) and I obviously like the fact that he shares his name with the famous freeskier.

- Glen Grunwald on Kenyon Martin, via Jared Zwerling:

"We are still very interested in Kenyon and giving him full consideration," said Grunwald, who can only offer the 35-year-old forward a contract in the veteran's minimum range. "We're just having discussions with Kenyon and his agent, and they're going pretty well at this time."

The "discussions" can't be that exciting, since there is exactly one yearly salary the Knicks can pay Martin, but I suppose both parties are waiting to see where comparable players land and what that leaves in terms of roster spots, both elsewhere and on the Knicks.

That's pretty much what's up this morning (or afternoon your time). Kenyon Martin would be cool to have around, though I hope the Knicks don't have to rely on him. Same deal for Brown, I guess.

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