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Wednesday Great-Tailed Grackles


Patrick Coin

Hello, it is today. These are some links 4 u.

- I saw a bunch of great-tailed grackles while walking across the UNLV campus the other day. They've got a very pleasant, bouncy gait but they wouldn't stand still for photos. Also, it's so hot in Vegas that the birds were panting. Oh, and the tails? Great. Great tails.

- Summer League thangs: 1. Here is a helpful bracket (times are Pacific). 2. I guess Tim Hardaway Jr. won't play. Really letting down his team in their moment of need. Raises a lot of questions about his character.

- Linked this in the comments the other day, but here it is again: The Knicks part of this seems farfetched, but I really like the idea of moving the BayHawks to Nassau Coliseum. I'd really like to watch the BayHawks sometimes.

- I imagine you've all seen the Stephen A. Smith/Dwight Howard/James Dolan/Iman Shumpert thing by now. It is either another in a long line of examples of James Dolan being a petulant tyrant or another in a long line of examples of Stephen A. Smith just saying things. Or maybe it's both somehow. Whatever. My opinion is [fart sounds]. The main thing that interests me is how the hell this person gets a "live satellite feed" of off-air ESPN stuff.

- Iman Shumpert in China. Amar'e Stoudemire in Israel (for the Maccabi Games) via Cyprus? (That first link is in Hebrew, if anyone speaks that and would like to translate).

- I look forward to Amar'e Stoudemire being the first All-Star playing 20 minutes a night! (No, but for real, I'm so excited and nervous for Amar'e to have a comeback year.)

- Metta World Peace in The Onion. Not their best Knicks work.

Hooray! Have a pleasant afternoon. We'll be up late for basketball tonight.