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The Knicks had a couple more workouts Wednesday.

Some more guards.


Frank Isola, amid a casual mini-rant about Baron Davis's job with the Knicks, just reported on another guard workout held today here in Las Vegas:

That's two more guards after the Bobby Brown workout on Tuesday, which I guess suggests the Knicks are searching far and wide (beyond their own Summer League team) for a little backcourt depth.

As far as these two particular guys go: You may remember Morris from his stints with the Lakers the last couple years (or from some of us wanting him in the weeks leading up to the 2011 Draft, which...whoops). He's not very big or particularly pure as a point guard, but he can shoot a bit and he looks like a very talented napper, which is good. My friend Gino just wrote a good thing about Hannah, who's been playing well out here for a very competitive D-League Select team. He was D-League Defensive Player of the Year two years in a row, so I can see why the Knicks are interested.

I'm still an avid Toure' Murry supporter and reckon the pool of more established free agents still takes priority, but the Knicks are turning over every stone in search of camp invites and/or a bench. And sometimes Darius Morris is under one of those stones.

Update: An astute tweeter reminds me Morris has a Michigan connection with Tim Hardaway Jr., so there's that.