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Thursday Say's Phoebes


Wolfgang Wander

Hi hello! No Knicks today-- they'll finish Summer League play on Friday-- but I do have some links 4 u:

- "Says Phoebe" sounds like the name of a girl's blog, but it's actually a phoebe named after Thomas Say. They're found here in Las Vegas, and I will let you know if I see any. Or if I hear any:

Their song is a calm: "puh-weeeeer", sometimes lengthened to "piddy-weeeeer", or shortened to "pweeeeer". The alternate song is a scratchy: "pjzzzzeer".


- Jared Zwerling adds Austin Daye and Quincy Douby (who we knew about) to the workout list. The information about these workouts has been released in a sorta piecemeal fashion-- for a moment, I thought the Knicks were SUPER interested in Bobby Brown-- but I heard yesterday that the team has been running organized scrimmages with a whole bunch of fringe guys here in Vegas. So I wouldn't get too worked up about any one guy. (That said, Austin Daye does not fit at all. I like him, but he's definitely not a "PF/C".)

- Added it in the comments of yesterday's links, but this Shoals thing on Metta World Peace coming back to New York City is lovely.

- Raymond Felton-- who I saw out last night!-- did a nice interview with KnicksNow during the game last night.

- So, it does sound like the Knicks were fairly pissed with Iman Shumpert, whether or not James Dolan made an offhand comment about trading him. It still confuses me that the Knicks weren't abreast of Shump's plans to go all the way to China on Monday in advance. Like, was his departure really a surprise?

- Jared Zwerling did a cool thing about Tim Hardaway Jr.'s workout regimen. It's harder than mine is!

- Some weird buttheads have a conversation about Metta World Peace.

- Metta chose number 51 to honor his dad. Also, I know it's been happening forever, but it still amazes me that the Post uses Photoshops as images in news reports.

- All I see here is that the Knicks got a rebounding upgrade in the Andrea Bargnani deal!

- Speaking of which, here's what Andrea's been up to. Just smirkin'.

- Yes, we know.

- Shimon Peres wants Amar'e Stoudemire on the Israeli national basketball team.I can totally see Amar'e taking him up on that offer someday.

Good job reading the links! More as it comes, babies.