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Summer League Game Thread: Knicks vs. Clippers- 7/19/13

Summer League ends today :(


This hurts me to say, but it all ends today, guys. We'll be back next summer, and we'll keep in touch and stuff, but the Knicks' entry in Las Vegas Summer League 2013 will conclude with a consolation match against the Clippers today at 4 PM Eastern.

Prior observations lead me to believe this is gonna be ugly. I haven't heard anything about Tim Hardaway Jr. yet, but he was still wearing a splint on his wrist yesterday, and I think it's safe to assume he won't play. Given his absence, the way the Heat game looked, and the fact that this is the final opportunity for a lot of guys to perform in front of a congregation of NBA decision-makers, the play might get suuuuuper disjointed. But hey, enjoy it! It's basketball! Bad as today may be, it's our last opportunity to watch players run around in jerseys that say "KNICKS" until the fall (well, at least until I suit up my turtle squad). Hopefully we'll see a little extra something from Toure' Murry or Jeremy Tyler or Eloy Vargas or Terrence Jennings or any of these other bros before that final buzzer.

4 PM real time, 1 PM here time. WOO!