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Monday Giant Hummingbirds


Arturo Nahum

Good day! I am back east and struggling to stay awake after a week in Vegas. Thankfully, there is next to nothing going on with the Knicks at the moment, so I could probably just keep sleeping. But since it was dead quiet here this weekend, let's catch up with just a few links:

- The giant hummingbird is the largest species of hummingbird, weighing in at almost a whole ounce. Good naming, namers! I chose this guy because I saw this video, which depicts what may or may not be a sick, confused (baby?) giant hummingbird. I don't think they're supposed to just sit there sippin' nectar like that, but hey, still very cute.

- Surely you've seen this by now, but Iman Shumpert took to Twitter last night to refute the ass rumors Frank Isola conjured about Shump being at odds with management. I really hope we never have to look back at these intermittent, very weird Shump rumors and say we should've seen [upsetting future event] coming.

- Meanwhile, Jonathan Fishner agrees, regardless of anything else, that it would have been best for Shump to play more Summer League. I don't know if I'm with that, but it's an interesting perspective.

- MEANWHILE, Shump's in Taiwan eating steaks. I'd rather be doing that than playing Summer League, too.

- Videos of Amar'e Stoudemire in Israel: He is taller than Shimon Peres. He may not understand how Instagram videos work. it. The Knicks have some moves to make, but until they make those moves, it might be kinda quiet. I guess they're not having any Olympics this year?

(Photo link)

Update: Here's a Tyson Chandler interview.