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Tuesday Indian Coursers



Oye como va, babies. A few afternoon links to put in your hair:

- Nothing too special about the Indian Courser. I just think it's cute. Here's a video.

- As y'all pointed out last night, Iman Shumpert defended tthe honor of Amar'e Stoudemire against one of those dopey parody accounts on Twitter. I love Iman and I love Amar'e.

- A li'l Knickerblogger roundtable about post-Summer-League feelings. My answers to their questions: 1. Never 2. Jennings 3. On the Knicks 4. Toure'!

- Been mentioned before, but Pablo Prigioni is heading back to Argentina in a few days for a Basketball Without Borders trip. By the way, Pablo Prigioni is still on the Knicks. :) :) :) :)

- Dan Devine explains the part of Spike Lee's Kickstarter that could give you a chance to sit next to him at a Knicks game if you are super rich.

- A great piece on Amar'e in Israel, including a rough recap of how this whole arrangement came to be.

- In memory of Dennis Farina, former Knicks coach.

- Tyson Chandler and Kimberly Chandler shopping for boomerangs, just like you all asked for.

- I have not listened to this, but a podcast with Jonah Kaner and Charlie Widdoes is probably a good thing.

Time for me to eat some lunch. What'd you eat for lunch?