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Intricacies of the Knicks' new contracts, as explained by Mark Deeks

A couple incentives and unusual payment structures added this offsesason.

Bruce Bennett

Mark Deeks runs ShamSports, a terrific basketball data website with a terrific blog. Deeks has access to NBA contract information, and he makes the useful parts of those contracts public with a keener eye for detail then most. On that note, Deeks just updated the Knicks section of his site to reflect the changes made this offseason, and there are a few interesting little notes in there (mouse over each name at ShamSports to see details):

1. The amount of guaranteed salary in Pablo Prigioni's partially guaranteed third contract year increases if the Knicks make the second round of the playoffs in at least one of the two preceding seasons after Pablo plays at least two games in the first round.

2. A player's contract can pay him up to 80 percent of the first two years' salary up front (I did not know this), and J.R. Smith's deal apparently approaches that number. This is evidently quite rare. Sooooo yeah.

3. C.J. Leslie's deal has two non-guaranteed years followed by restricted free agency in the third, so if the Knicks really like him, they shouldn't fall into another Chris Copeland situation after just a year. And if they don't like him, he can still be cut easily.

4. Andrea Bargnani comes with performance incentives included in the extension he signed with the Raptors. Deeks says they're listed as "unlikely". Probably something about making an All-Star team or All-NBA team in there. Maybe an incentive for successfully completing the "Saltine challenge", becoming the tallest player in the NBA (lots of ways to achieve that), or catching a meteorite with his bare hands. Just guessing, though.

5. This confirms that Metta World Peace's second contract year is a player option.

Nothing of massive importance. Just a few funky little details I thought you might like to see. Thanks to Mr. Deeks.