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Madison Square Garden has been told to move in ten years.

Does anyone know a good place to put an arena in New York?

Bruce Bennett

It baffles me that people sometimes care about things other than the Knicks. And it's easy to forget that the Knicks exist within the context of the real world, because, like, the Knicks ARE the real world, man. James Dolan is our capricious deity, Glen Grunwald is our President, Mike Woodson is our dad, and Pablo Prigioni is our husband. We all live in Madison Square Garden together. We dance and do each other's hair and go to all the Knicks games we want. This is real life.

But yeah, sometimes the real "real world" interferes, like when the New York City Council votes almost unanimously that Madison Square Garden needs to hop off Penn Station and go somewhere else so Penn Station can blossom above ground and be great again. We'd been loosely following MSG's effort to extend its lease forever, and now it's finally come to a head: ten years from now, the Knicks, Rangers, Liberty, and all the other stuff will be asked to move out of Penn Plaza and find a new home. It'll be the fifth "Madison Square Garden" since the original on 26th and Madison went up in 1890 (replacing the repurposed train station that had carried the name the decade prior).

Ten years is a long time, and the article makes it sound like changing politics could give MSG new hope between now and 2023. Also, by 2023, there may be no such thing as solid matter or basketball or mankind or feelings, so maybe we won't care/exist. This is bound to get obnoxious in the interim, though. Given the nature of the capricious deity the city just booted, and given the squillion dollars worth of renovations the capricious deity just added to the Garden, I can't see this being anything other than a complicated, litigious battle for the rights to the space above Penn Station. But if Dolan can't stomp his feet enough to change anyone's mind, he'll really have to find somewhere else to put his Knicks, which will involve either:

1. Picking up and moving the current Garden, which would take SO many balloons.

2. Building a new Garden somewhere else, which like come onnnnnn we just finished fixing the old one.


3. Moving into another building. This is interesting because I was down around Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues in Brooklyn last night and I noticed a big, futuristic-looking arena that seemed perfect for a basketball team. Does anyone know if that's occupied? They should check.

I don't know. This could become a major nuisance someday, but that day is far off. For now, just remember the threat of eviction is looming, and maybe get to work ripping seats out and chipping pieces off the Garden floor for souvenirs.