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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Updating the Knicks' "interest" list

The list of players the Knicks have inquired about just keeps growing.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so over there is a thread with updates about the free agents who played for the Knicks last year. Right here, I'd like to add to the list of players in whom the Knicks have shown "interest" or whatever. We haven't heard of any agreements or even any offers as of Wednesday morning.

First, here are previous posts that'll more or less catch you up with New York's fancies outside their own incumbent players. Here's what's new-ish overnight:

- Elton Brand's agent downplayed the importance (via Marc Berman, after a gem of a lede) of playing near home for his client, so I suspect Brand won't be thrilled about whatever scant offer the Knicks are preparing for him. Oh well.

- We've already from Berman and others about New York's interest in guards Jose Calderon, Devin Harris, Will Bynum, and Aaron Brooks. Recent reports have added a new name (new to me, anyway)-- Earl Watson-- to that list.

- Berman also names (same link as Brand) Lamar Odom as someone the Knicks have called about. Odom's name came up in the comments here yesterday, so there's that.

- The Bulls are supposed to be waiving Rip Hamilton, and Frank Isola thinks-- thinks, not reports-- the Knicks will be interested in him once he's free. Mike Woodson knows him well.

- This guy Lester Prosper worked out for the Knicks a little while ago and wants on to the Summer League team. Note that he has not actually been signed to the Summer League team, at least not yet.

So, there's that thread and here's this thread. I'll add little updates to both throughout the day. If there's a big update, I'll make a new thread. BREAK!