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Tuesday Bokmakieries


Derek Keats

Good Tuesday, friends! Joe's got something good for y'all coming up later. First, though, let's wade through some links from the last day or two.

- I'm a big fan of birds named after their calls, but I just don't hear it with the bokmakierie (supposed to sound like "bok-bok-mak-kik").

- Tom Ziller contemplates how Carmelo Anthony might maintain last year's simultaneous heavy usage and solid efficiency. He, like me, seems to think it has less to do with explicitly playing power forward than it does with playing alongside at least three decent shooters. I think the Knicks should be able to keep putting him in those situations this year, though we'll see if they actually want to.

- We're still waiting on the schedule, but word is the Knicks won't face the Nets on opening night. Fine with me.

- From over the weekend: Pablo Prigioni discusses his Basketball Without Borders experience in Argentina with Jared Zwerling. (Update: Here ya go, roonz.)

- A Knickerblogger review of that Amar'e Stoudemire documentary, which I suppose I should watch at some point. Sounded like a few of you have seen it. Worth it?

- Speaking of Knickerblogger, Bro Silverbro sent me this KNICKS GOOSE OUTFIT which I will be purchasing for all my gooses.

- If you're willing to put up with a slideshow, these are a lot of cool old Knicks cards.

- Metta World Peace things: His dad has a radio show. His consistently entertaining brother Daniel talked to Marc Berman.

- Ian Begley does a nice job explaining the MSG relocation dispute for us children.

- Pictures of Amar'e Stoudemire's wedding, if you want.

Those are links. WHAT'S FOR LUNCH?