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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Knicks "trying hard" to sign Beno Udrih

C'monnnnn Beno


With only minimum contracts to offer, the Knicks have been quiet in free agency of late, but they've still got holes to fill and a few targets left to court. Delonte West was the most recent name in the news, and he'd be a decent if unreliable addition to the backcourt. This, from Marc Stein just now, is way more intriguing:

Udrih's a big, competent ball-handler and passer out of the pick-and-roll, he hits a decent portion of his threes (though his numbers skip around weirdly from year to year), he makes sense on or off the ball in a point guard tandem, and...well, the Knicks' perimeter D is pretty rough anyway, so we'll overlook his defense.

For a minimum contract, Udrih would be terrific. Of course, that probably means he won't accept the minimum, no matter how much glitter and perfume the Knicks slather on the document. At the very least, I'm happy Daddy Grun and company are trying to hard to acquire him.

Pleeeeease Beno pleeeeeease. Beno. Beno. Benobenobenobenobeno. C'monnnn Beno. Beno.

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