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J.R. Smith will sign with the Knicks for four years

It is done.

Al Bello

Well, I guess the lawyers didn't mind working a little on July 4. Exact figures won't be official until after the league audit and nothing goes on paper until July 10, but J.R. Smith is going to be a Knick next year:

Two years would have made more sense alongside the Knicks' decision to deal for Andrea Bargnani (and a team option would have been nice), but I guess four years is what it took. Remember that, while this is the most the Knicks could pay J.R. (and the most years), it is excepted from their salary cap figure this year because the Knicks owned Smith's early Bird rights. The money being given to J.R. now could not have been given to someone else. Welcome, back J.R., too, Chris!

Everything else here remains up-to-date for the time being. One more time:


This is a point I've been trying to make in the comments, and it's worth keeping in mind if you're upset about this: