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Pablo Prigioni will re-sign with the Knicks (Updated 1:01 PM)



¡Breaking news at this hour! Pablo Prigioni's coming back!

Based on what we heard Thursday morning, this will be a two-year deal for a portion of the mini mid-level exception-- $2.something million per year (Update: see below). That deal will carry Pablo until his 38th year on the planet, which is a lot of years, but Pablo's got fewer minutes on his legs than the average 38 year-old NBA player and WHATEVER IT'S PABLO I LOVE HIM SO MUCH WELCOME BACK INTO OUR LIVES SO MUCH SNEAKING YESSSSSSSSSS

Even with J.R. Smith and Pablo back, the Knicks have some work to do in the backcourt. Alex Kennedy mentioned Sebastian Telfair again today, but he's just one of many guards in whom the Knicks have had interest. They'll have the rest of that mini MLE and a whole bunch of minimum contracts to pass around.

Update (12:59 PM):

Update (1:01 PM):